Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Preventative Measures

Eve held her husband's hair while he threw up for the third time that day. Phil was like the now thousands of victims that had come down with what the media was calling the Fem Virus. The symptoms began as the common flu, but on the second day when the fever was at its highest the patient would began to show dramatic loss of muscle, a reduction in height and weight and a growth of hair on their head accompanied with loss of body hair. By the third day breast, buttocks and hip tissue would begin to grow and facial features began to become soft and feminine. The most troubling development to most of the victims was the shrinking of the penis and testicles. Those that could still accomplish an erection found that it was now no longer than an inch or two and the study of their ejaculate found an almost non existent level of sperm. The Center for Disease Control had also found a few facts that they had not released to the public, all the affected men were "serial cheaters" that had gotten the flu shot recently and that the Mage's employed by the government found a distinct spell on the serum that was meant to affect only men that had been unfaithful to their current spouse or significant other. They would soon have to make this announcement and publicly acknowledge the existence of magic to prevent  any further transformations as the combo virus/curse had no cure. Many of the now transformed men would find life that much harder with not just transformed bodies but angry wives and girlfriends to deal with.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On One Condition

Steve and Marlena had been friends since they were in pre-school and Steve was the only person outside of Marlena's family that knew she was a witch. Her whole family had varying levels of power with Marlena falling in the lower range. This got the duo in to all kinds of wacky adventures as teenagers, especially with Marlena's favorite spell. She learned early on that on occasion it was good to be in two places at one time and since she couldn't master the spell to split herself in to two people she did the next best thing, she would turn Steve in to a copy of herself. When Marlena failed her first driving exam, Steve was behind the wheel for the second try. When she needed to skip soccer practice to go to coven meetings, Steve was sweating and showering with her teammates. When Her Dad made her go with her dorky cousin to his Prom instead of going to the N'Sync concert, it was Steve wearing the gown and corsage. Steve didn't mind, he even admitted that getting access to Marlena's body now and then was a whole lot of fun. Marlena knew this was the trade off for having an emergency twin. It had been many years since Marlena had required Steve's service but now she needed him once again. "So you need me to be you for a whole week on a trip with your boyfriend?" Marlena put on her pleading face, "Yeah, I told Todd that I wouldn't miss any more important things because of work and the wedding of his best friend is in that category. My firm told me today that I need to be at a conference in Boston the same week and since the wedding is in California..." Steve kept playing Call of Duty but his mind was churning. He was a freelance writer and trust fund kid so he never needed to be anywhere at any time he didn't want to be, "Well if I do this you are going to have to modify the spell. I doubt Todd is going to go a week in sunny California and not want some nookie." Marlena's face went sour, "First of all, please never say the word nookie ever again. Second, you want to have sex with Todd?" Marlena had told Steve that he could explore himself as her all he wants but could not have sex as her or she would turn him in to a dog for a month. Todd was satisfied with that arrangement but now saw a chance to enjoy the forbidden. "Well I wont lie, I am curious after all these years to see what it would be like as a woman, and I promise to only sleep with Todd. Plus you know I am right, he's not going to buy me not 'being in the mood' for a whole week." Marlena knew that Steve was right, she didn't like the idea of Todd being with any one else even if that person looked like her. She also knew that she had created her own monster, of course Steve was curious. Who wouldn't be if he found himself a member of the opposite sex, "Ok. It's a deal. I'll build in a birth control spell as well, wouldn't want you having my first child."

From the night before their flight to Los Angeles to just now during the wedding reception Todd was overwhelmed by Marlena's sexual appetite. They had even joined the Mile High Club. Twice. They had a pretty healthy sex life but it was like Marlena's libido was in over drive.She explained that it was her new birth control and that it would probably normalize in a week and that she wanted to make the most of her vacation. She advised Todd to just enjoy the ride and eat lots of bananas. Right after Todd had finished his best man toast and was back at their table Todd found Marlena's hand massaging his leg, "That was a hell of a speech, it deserves a special reward. I think it's out in the rental car." Thirty minutes later they were hustling back in to the hall, Todd tucking in his shirt and Marlena putting herself back together. Todd looked over his shoulder, "Marlena, hurry up and pull your panties back on, people are going to start wondering where we've been!" Marlena smiled at her temporary boyfriend, "Oh I think people have a pretty good idea where we've been hot shot." Todd thought it was weird that Marlena was using the name Steve used to taunt him with when they would play COD together but brushed it off, right now he was just grateful that he had such a great girlfriend.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Witness Relocation: The Best of a Bad Situation

Naomi Washington was getting ready for a day at the beach when she stopped to look out of her dorm room  window at her fellow students at Alson University hustling to class, playing frisbee and the obligatory fool playing acoustic guitar for a gaggle of female freshmen. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Naomi was enjoying her second time through College much more than she had her first. Her first time she was a he, Charles Winchester the Sixth. As the head of Neurosurgery at Columbia University he had discovered a conspiracy of illegal organ harvesting and sales. He received death threats but drawing courage from the example of his Grandfather, who was a surgeon in the Korean War, Charles presented his evidence to the authorities and became the star witness in a massive federal prosecution. Being a man in his sixties, a divorcee and with all of his children grown he was a perfect candidate for the witness relocation program but he scoffed at uprooting his life. It wasn't until his car exploded in the parking lot of  his country club while he was eating with his oldest son and his family did he understand how serious his pursuers were. Having more resources than the average witness Charles was offered an opportunity by one of his closest friends to disappear completely. Doctor Theresa Mendelsohn was an experimental Geneticist who had developed a way to completely reconstruct DNA. Charles would be making medical history. With co operation from the Marshals service Charles' death was faked in another car bombing and Naomi Washington was born. Charles knew that they had to make him physically as different as possible from his original form and knew that he would end up young and African American but becoming female was a completely unexpected side affect. He was angry at first but eventually he came to terms with the fact that he was the very first person to undergo this kind of transformation He was just glad he didn't have three legs. Naomi was a junior pre med, honor roll and Dean's list of course, but with out the pressure of living up to the Winchester legacy Naomi also joined social clubs and went to parties. She enjoyed playing Quidditch and hanging out with her room mates and eating terrible pizza while drinking cheap beer. She even began to date, a fine young man who was very handsome and sweet and who would more than likely be Naomi's first sexual encounter as a woman. Naomi would sometimes think of her old life, she would get updates from her handler at the Marshal's service on her children and grand children, they were safe now because Charles was dead. It was hard not being in their life but deep down Naomi was a Winchester, and Winchester's always persevered. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BodySwapMeet.Com: Mother's Little Helper

"Kevin, You can't wear that bra with that dress! and You shouldn't be wearing that dress anyway, it's last season's look!!" Kevin shook his head in exasperation, "Karen, I asked you for help an hour ago but you were to busy screwing around with candy crush to help me even after I helped you pick out clothes for my body to wear to this stupid party tonight. Mom took us down to so that we could understand each other better and help each other more. She is totally willing to leave us this way past the weekend if she doesn't think we have made any progress so unless you want to be me for the rest of the semester stop being so selfish!" Karen huffed, her twin brother had never spoken to her that way before, normally he was content to bury his nose in a book and lock himself in his room with his science and math junk. "Jeez, you don't have to be so bitchy about it," emphasizing the word 'bitchy', "You got the best of this deal anyway, you went from world class dork to the most popular person in school in the matter of minutes!" Kevin wheeled on his sister, almost loosing his balance in his heels, "Oh right I should be looking at the bright side of being in my sister's body! Do you know how hard it is to shave your legs or put on clothes when you are trying not to look at your body. I swear I don't know how Mom thought this wouldn't be traumatizing." Karen leaned against the counter, "Well maybe Mom wants you to see what it's like to have a geeky embarrassing brother." She said it quietly, almost as though she wished she hadn't said it out loud. Kevin slumped down on to the toilet seat lid, "I see. I am the problem. It has nothing to do with your obsession with appearance and that you can't just accept your own brother for who he is. I support you when you do cheer-leading and volleyball even though I think sports are dumb. I am in the stands rooting for you because you are my sister. When my friends call you an air headed bimbo I stick up for you, but when your friends call me a dork and a loser, you just laugh right along and treat me like I am some kind of curse! Well my dear sister, you are going to find out that it is a lot harder to make friends as a dorky guy than it is as the Queen of the popular kids. I am going to treat you just like you treat me. Now if you will excuse me I need to find something else to wear!" With that Kevin ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door to his room behind him. A second later he exited his room and went in to Karen's, slamming that door as well. Karen was not used to being shouted at, especially by someone wearing her face. Kevin's words stung, she had never really thought about how her actions affected him or really anyone, maybe she had been selfish. She turned to see her brother in the mirror, she had picked out his best shirt and jeans. She had done his hair right. Kevin had never looked better. Karen decided that no she wasn't wrong, that it was easy to be popular and that she could be the center of attention no matter what body she was in.

Karen stood off to the side in what was easily the worst night of her life, as she watched her brother dance in her body wearing her new black dress. As soon as she walked through the door she met with the scorn that Kevin received every day. The first person she saw was her best friend Debbie. "Hi Debbie, how's it going?" Debbie looked at "Kevin" with disdain, "What are you doing here dork?" from behind her she heard her "sister", "Hey Debs, my mom made me bring the loser with me. Hopefully he won't embarrass me to much tonight. Come on lets go talk about clothes and make up!" Karen's night got worse from there, every time she tried to talk to some one she was scoffed at as a "nerd" or "dork". The confidence she had started with had now turned to dread. Karen put her last hopes in showing Kevin up when she tried to chat up Lori Chan, who she knew Kevin had a crush on despite her clear dislike of him. Lori was giving Karen the brush off when a bump from behind sent her punch glass all over Lori's white dress. Everyone was laughing at "Kevin" as Lori shouted at him. Kevin couldn't stand to watch his sister be humiliated despite how much he was enjoying it. "Karen" the Queen Bee stuck up for her brother for the first time, putting a stop to Lori's shower of profanity, "Give the dork a brake Lori, it's his first time out interacting with normal human beings and not those freaks he calls friends. Besides he did you a favor, that dress is SO last season." Every one was now laughing at Lori giving Karen a chance to slink away from the scene. Karen was shocked at how easy Kevin had shot off that zinger. It was something she would have said, if she had ever bothered to stick up for her brother. Karen had a lot of thinking to do and apologies to give to Kevin once they got home. Once she got her body back she would make sure that she would start being a much better sister. Kevin on the other hand was thinking less about reconciliation and more about how to convince his mother to extend his stay in his sister's body, to make sure she had learned her lesson of course.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exchange Island: Almost Perfect

"Oh Damn it! I knew it was all to good to be true. I came to exchange island, get swapped with a smoking hot chick for the next week and the first thing I do is loose one of her contacts! I really hope she packed more than one pair because I really don't want to have to wear glasses for the rest of the trip."

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Art Over Taking Life

Michelle was spending the morning at the museum with her boyfriend Tom. He needed to do observations for an art appreciation class he was taking and after he was done they were going to head to a little pub Michelle had seen on TV. She was never big in to art and was fighting boredom when she found herself drawn to a painting of a man in a red coat. Unlike the other paintings, the subject of this piece was in an oddly undignified pose. Michelle felt a yawn coming on and thought how funny it was that even a painting of a yawn could be contagious. Not realizing it, Michelle's yawn and stretch began to mimic that of the portly man. At the height of her stretch, unnoticed by the people standing nearby, a wisp of smoke left the painted mouth and slowly entered Michelle's. Her eyes lit up an inhuman red as the other worldly smoke entered her being. As the possession completed Tom walked up, "Hey Babe, you ready for lunch? I'm all done here." Tom noticed that his girlfriend looked a bit out of it but wrote it off to boredom. "Verily my good man!" Noticing the puzzlement on Tom's face "Michelle" corrected herself, "I mean, like, yeah Tommy! I feel like I haven't eaten in forever and can not wait to set foot in a public house again!" Tom was about to ask Michelle when she decided to mix old English phrases in to her speech but Michelle cut him off by hugging him, pressing her curvaceous body against his and kissing him hard, "Then after our culinary pleasure we can return home and enjoy pleasures of a more...Carnal nature? If you would like that. Babe." Tom wasn't sure what had gotten in to Michelle but if it was making her horny, he was all for it. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Every one who knew her was worried about Lisa Taylor. She had made a major accounting error at her firm that had cost one of their client millions. On the day she heard she might be fired she desperately wore her most revealing outfit and was determined to do anything and everything to keep her job.  Lisa's boss called her in, refused her advances and told her that her behavior was unacceptable. He had no choice but to let her go. Lisa couldn't believe that she had gone from rising star to unemployed in the span of a week. Out of work Lisa had no choice but to move back in with her parents, both of whom were very successful business people and had no qualms about letting Lisa know how disappointed they were in her. Lisa spent most of her days on the Internet and trying to avoid her parents as much as possible. She was clearly depressed and her parents disappointment in her was replaced with concern that she might do something drastic. 

Then one morning Lisa woke up in a panic claiming to be Peter Miller, her old boss. She screamed that she was a man and not a woman and that somehow Lisa had stolen his body and his life. Lisa's parents watched in horror as Lisa groped herself as if she had just noticed her breasts and vagina for the first time in her life. Not knowing what to do they locked the door to her room and called their family doctor. Doctor Cross arrived with two paramedics from his hospital and all three men broke a sweat trying to subdue the deranged young woman, eventually holding her still long enough to sedate her. 

Lisa lay in her bed, immobilized by her meds . She was now in her sixth week at Restful Oaks mental hospital. She still insisted that "the real Lisa" had stolen her body and that she needed to get out and see her wife. Even bringing in the real Peter Miller had not snapped her out of her delusion, only setting off a violent out burst, with screams of, "You bitch, you stole my life!!" echoing through the halls. Peter looked at his former employee with pity as she was once again wrestling with orderlies, "Please Lisa, you have to give this up. I am Peter Miller and you are Lisa Taylor. I know that I cruelly fired you over a mistake anyone could have made but you have to get over it and accept your life now and that nothing you can do can make you, me. Nothing. So please let these people help you. You have a mother and father who love you even if they are a bit judgmental. Please just accept reality, it would be a terrible shame for a beautiful young woman like you to spend the rest of her life in here. Now I have to go, I have dinner with my wife tonight. Good luck Lisa."